Documents required for an insurance policy to be issued: 

  • A valid vehicle (registration) license.
  • A valid driving license.

Is it obligatory to cover my vehicle?

The owner or the keeper of a motor vehicle circulating in Greece is obliged to cover by insurance its third party liability arising from it.

This obligation starts from the momenta vehicle (registration) license is issued and the license plates are delivered. The function or circulation of the vehicle is not a prerequisite of the obligation, unless the vehicle is under a temporary immobilization status,after having followed the formal procedure.

What are the penalties imposed to a non-covered vehicle?

In case a vehicle circulates without the necessary insurance cover, the following administrative penalties are imposed:

  1. Removal of the driver’s license for a period of six (6) months.
  2. Removal of the vehicle’s license and the vehicle’s license plates for a period of six (6) months and in case an accident is caused by a vehicle not bearing an insurance cover certificate, for a period of two (2) years.  License plates and vehicle road license are only returned if the person liable produces the appropriate insurance policy.
  3. Imposition of a fine, in favor of the Auxiliary Fund, as set out in art. 16 of L. 486/1976, of a sum of €1,000 for buses and public use tracks, of €500 for passenger and all other vehicles and€250 for two wheeled vehicles.

Exceptionally, the above are returned before the end of the period mentioned:

  1. The driver’s license is returned to the driver that submits a receipt for the payment of the fine imposed.
  2. The removed vehicle’s license and license plates are returned to the owner/keeper that has submitted a receipt for the payment of the imposed fine, and also provides a valid insurance cover policy.

From when is my insurance cover valid?

The insurance cover enters into force only after the premium has been paid in full to the insurer and is valid for the period defined in the insurance cover policy. The consignment of the latter to the insured is forbidden before the payment of the premium.

What documentation do I need to use my car abroad and what do I have to do?

A valid insurance policy with Eurostatus is required, in order to travel abroad.  Before your trip, you shall inform Eurostatus or your insurance consultant,of your trip’s dates and destination (countries to be visited).

Following that, you will be provided,through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau,with a green card, which will cover your trip abroad,in the E.E.A. area, as well as all countries in which the Green Card’s System applies..

What should I do in case of an accident?

  1. It is necessary to call the Accident Care Assistance Interamerican-Europ Assistance, T: 216 4004160 (24/7 service)
  2. Immediately inform the local Police.
  3. If the previous two steps prove impossible, call your insurance consultant and fill in a signed Accident Declaration.

What should I do in case my car is stolen or in the event of fire?

  1. If the previous two steps prove impossible, call your insurance consultant and fill in a signed Accident Declaration.
  2. Immediately inform the local Police.
  3. In the event of a fire inform immediately the Fire Brigade.

What should I do in case a glass breakage on my vehicle?

ΕIf your policy includes cover for glass damage, Eurostatus will undertake promptly and free of charge, the repair or replacement of the damaged piece of glass on your vehicle (windscreen, rear window and side windows), anywhere in Greece and in collaboration with the following companies:

  • Carglass Τ: 800 11 36136 & 210 5311409
  • Glassdrive Τ: 800 11 777999
  • Φίλης Glass Τ: 213 33 33 213
  • Autoglassfit Τ: 800 11 80020